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Unforgettable Arctic experiences

Ride a snowcat and go hunting for the Northern Lights on this unforgettable adventure to Svalbard. With flights, transfer and two excursions included.

Departure from Copenhagen.

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The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard

Longyearbyen, the largest settlement on Svalbard, lays hidden in the Arctic cold air only 1350 km from the North Pole. Here you are embraced by a silence not found anywhere else and seeing the snow-capped peaks and the endless landscape being lit up by the dancing Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience. On this Arctic polar adventure, you will experience the polar nights, which are lit up by the stars, moonlight and possibly the Northern Lights due to the almost 24-hour darkness.

Content of the trip

You fly from Copenhagen early in the morning at 07:10h. When you arrive in Svalbard you will be picked up at the airport and brought to your hotel, the Radisson Blu Polar Hotel. The hotel is located in the centre of Longyearbyen, and it has a fantastic restaurant where you can enjoy panoramic views of the majestic Hiorthfjellet mountains.

This is a self-guided tour without a travel guide, meaning that from checking in at Copenhagen Airport to arriving in Longyearbyen, as well as during your stay in Longyearbyen and on your return flight back to Copenhagen, you will be travelling on your own.

During the day, you have a chance to explore Longyearbyen. For example, you can visit the Svalbard Museum where you can learn more about Svalbard's geology, flora and the everyday life on the archipelago.

With exciting excursions included:

Northern Lights safari with snowcat

It's impossible not to notice the big red snowcat when it arrives. The excursion starts with a visit to the old Northern Lights station, where all the Northern Lights research took place until a few years ago. Along the route, the guides will make several more stops in the area to look for the Aurora Borealis. The route onwards will be chosen based on the weather and conditions on the day. Every year between 14th November and 29th January, the fantastic phenomenon of the Polar Night occurs, during which time the sun does not rise above the horizon, which means that Longyearbyen is only lit up by street lamps, the Northern Lights and the moon glittering in the snow.

During this period the darkness doubles the chances of seeing the Northern Lights, as the phenomenon can be seen around the clock! This is a perfect trip for those who want the advantage of driving in a heated vehicle safely out of town. Experience the amazing combination of darkness and glittering skies. 

Northern Lights Evening incl. dinner at Camp Barentz – 3 hours

There is a possibility to see the Northern Lights over Svalbard 24 hours a day during the polar night period. The interaction between electrically charged particles flowing out of the sun, solar winds and the Earth's atmosphere is what creates this amazing phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights camp, Camp Barentz, is located approx. 10 km east of Longyearbyen, at the foot of the Gruve 7 Fell. The camp's great location gives you the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights away from any light pollution. The most important thing when trying to see the Northern Lights is for the surroundings to not be disturbed by artificial light. The bus stops slightly outside the camp, and you are welcomed by our host who leads you the last bit of the way.

The hosts will also be armed with rifles to protect you against polar bears. Inside in the warmth, you are welcomed with a lit fireplace, and hot food is served while the host offers lectures and pictures. The lectures will of course be about the Northern Lights. Of course, we hope to experience the magical Northern Lights, but unfortunately there are no guarantees of it on any given day.


Day 1:

Flights CPH-OSL-LYR 

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

19:00h – 3-course dinner at Restaurant Nansen


Day 2:

19:00h – Northern Lights evening at Camp Barentz incl. dinner (3 hours)


Day 3:

14:00h – Northern Lights safari by dog sled (4 hours)

NB! Not included in the standard package and can only be prepurchased.

19:30h – 3-course dinner incl. coffee at Restaurant Nansen


Day 4:

14:00h / 16:30h – Northern Lights safari with snowcat (2.5 hours)

19:00h – 3-course dinner at Restaurant Nansen


Day 5:

Transfer from the hotel to the airport

Flights LYR-OSL-CPH 

We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary.

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Practical information

The price includes:

- Flights from Copenhagen with Norwegian (round trip)

- Transfer to/from the airport on Svalbard

- 4 nights in a double room at Radisson Blu Polar Hotel incl. breakfast

- 3 x 3-course dinner incl. coffee

- Northern Lights safari by snowcat 

- Northern Lights evening incl. dinner and drinks

The trip is organised in cooperation with Travelnorth. 

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the occurrence of the Northern Lights.

Additional excursion: Northern Lights safari by dog sled (can be purchased)

It's possible to purchase an extra excursion, Northern Lights safari by dog sled, where the Arctic tranquillity combined with the eager dogs provides the foundation for an amazing experience. Experience the snowy landscapes with their reflection of the moon- and starlight, and if we're lucky, the Northern Lights. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, it's a pleasure in itself to work with the polar dogs. The guide leads the way together with two guests, and the rest will follow with two guests on each dog sled. You take turns driving the sled and sitting on it. Find the additional excursion and its price under "Book".

Please note that there is a single supplement (already added in the prices shown).

If you book online, the deposit will be charged immediately.

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