Pursue the Northern Lights along the Norwegian coast


An 8-day journey along the Norwegian coast on board Hurtigruten, with outstanding opportunities to experience the Northern Lights. The journey ends with an overnight stay at a hotel in Kirkenes. Flights from Copenhagen and Billund. 

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The world's most beautiful sea voyage along the Norwegian coastline

We fly from Copenhagen and Billund to Bergen, also known as the gateway to the Norwegian fjords, and from here we'll take you on a wonderful journey up along the Norwegian coast. We will spend the next 7 days aboard MS Nordnorge, while it takes us on a 2700 km long, breathtaking sea voyage up along the Norwegian coast.

We cross the Arctic circle and experience how the daylight hours get fewer and fewer, increasing the possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis, the fascinating natural phenomenon also known as the Northern Lights, during the evening hours. Along the route there will be opportunities to go on exciting excursions, which can be purchased both in advance and on board. You can also choose to walk around exploring the small towns on your own and take in the atmosphere.

We offer you this journey with flights from Copenhagen or Billund (round trip), transfers, overnight stay at a lovely hotel in Kirkenes, accommodation in your chosen cabin category and full board aboard the MS Nordnorge.

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Life aboard the MS Nordnorge

MS Nordnorge will be our floating hotel all the way up to Kirkenes.

Three ships have previously carried the name ‘Nordnorge’ in Hurtigruten's fleet. This ship was completed in 1997 and is the fourth in the series. The ship was completely renovated in 2016 and is now featuring a modern Arctic interior, characterised by a Scandinavian design with lots of wood and light furniture. Visit the new Multe bakery, the sauna and the fitness room.  On board there is also a jacuzzi with a view of the mountains and a nice panoramic lounge where you can relax.

MS Nordnorge is one of the expedition ships sailing along the Norwegian coast. An expedition ship means that there is an on-board Expedition Team, who will conduct lectures and arrange activities along the way, making it a more active journey. The other guests on the cruise come from many different countries, and with the crew and other staff on board being international, the working language on the ship is therefore English.

MS Nordnorge also had the ‘starring role’ in the popular NRK documentary about everyday life aboard one of Hurtigruten's ships.

On board, emphasis is placed on relaxation and discovery, and not on commercial entertainment, which is often the case on conventional cruises.

It's possible for you to set a "Northern Lights alarm" on your cabin phone. This way you'll be alerted in your cabin when the Northern Lights are spotted in the sky.


Day 1. The journey starts in Bergen

We fly from Denmark to Bergen, which is the gateway to the Norwegian fjords. Bergen is, among other things, known for Bryggen, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The fine wooden houses shine along the seashore as living proof that the history dating back to the 1300s is still alive and well today.


Day 2. Visit Ålesund and the fjords

The voyage north starts with a stop in Ålesund, the perfect example of an Art Nouveau town. The town of Ålesund burned almost to the ground back in 1904, after which it was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style. In the middle of the town you can see the mountain Aksla, whose 418-step climb from the town centre provides you with a great panoramic view. When we leave Ålesund, we continue our voyage westward into true Viking country. Here the great Viking chiefs ruled.

Possible excursions (for purchase):

2C Art Nouveau City Walk in Ålesund             

2D Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium and Mount Aksla             


Day 3. Trondheim, the city of kings

Trondheim is the capital of central Norway, and with its rich culture and magnificent Nidaros Cathedral it is still the main destination for many pilgrims. Visit the old quarter of Bakklandet with the well-preserved old colourful wooden houses, before we continue our voyage towards the land of the midnight sun. If you want to go for a walk into town on your own, it will be about a 20-minute walk.

Possible excursions (for purchase):

3B Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral             

3D Trondheim City Walk              

3G Kayaking on the River Nid             


Day 4. The Arctic Circle and Lofoten

One of today's highlights is crossing the Arctic Circle before Hurtigruten arrives in Ørnes. This is the first day sailing in the Arctic waters during the voyage, and in the evening Hurtigruten arrives in Svolvær – also known as Lofoten. Lofoten is also regarded as one of the highlights of the voyage with its majestic mountains hiding small fishing villages and white sandy beaches. Remenber to keep your eyes on the sky as the chances of seeing the Northern Lights are good.

Possible excursions (for purchase):

4C Bodø and Saltstraumen             

4E Lofoten Viking Museum             

4H Lofotpils Brewery              


Day 5. Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic Ocean

During the night we sail through the narrow Raftsundet strait. Hurtigruten makes a stop in Harstad before continuing via Finnsnes to the Arctic capital of Tromsø. Here the northbound and southbound Hurtigruten ships cross paths. Tromsø is a beautiful city with a vibrant cultural life. The city is surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, and the city's famous landmark, the Arctic Cathedral, is certainly worth a visit.

Possible excursions (for purchase):

5A The Arctic Capital Tromsø             

5B Dog sledding in Tromsø             

5D Polar History City Walk in Tromsø             


Day 6. Honningsvåg and the North Cape

Today the voyage continues to Honningsvåg, also known as the gateway to the North Cape, which is the northernmost point on mainland Europe. We sail through Lapland, where Hurtigruten passes the Finnkjerka rock formation and the fishing village of Køllefjord, where it is possible to meet the local sámi. Experts say that the best chances of experiencing the Northern Lights are here furthest to the north, so we are hopeful.

Possible excursions (for purchase):

6A The North Cape             

6H Fishing Village Visit             


Day 7. Kirkenes – 500 km north of the Arctic Circle

Both the view and the sea become more dramatic as we sail towards Kirkenes. Kirkenes is located only a few kilometres from the Russian border and the Sami communities in northern Scandinavia. Kirkenes is known as the capital of the Barents region and as the gateway to the east. We'll stay at the Thon Hotel Kirkenes, located right by the beautiful fjord. There is time to explore the town on your own. (There is no dinner included after arrival in Kirkenes).

Possible excursions (for purchase):

7A The Russian Border – Kirkenes             

7F Husky Sledge Adventure in Kirkenes             


Day 8. Return journey home

After a good breakfast at the hotel, we will fly back to Copenhagen/Billund.


Cabins on board MS Nordnorge

All cabins are unspecified, meaning that the cabin numbers are allocated on board the ship and we have no influence on the location of the allocated cabins.

Inside cabins

Cabins in this category has no window. The beds are separate with the option of converting one of them into a sofa. The cabins have private bath/toilet. No cabins are below the waterline, which means that your cabin can be located both low or high on the ship. You should choose this cabin category if you prefer to spend your time on the deck and in the panoramic lounge during the daylight hours.

Outside cabins with limited view

These cabins have some form of window. However, some of the cabins may have a limited view in the form of a lifeboat or the like obstructing the view. The beds are separate with the option of converting one of them into a sofa. The cabins have private bath/toilet. The cabins are usually located on the lower decks near the ship’s exit. You should choose this cabin category if you prefer to spend your time on the deck and in the panoramic lounge during the daylight hours but also wish to have some natural light in the cabin. This is the most popular cabin category.

Arctic Superior outside cabins with double bed:

Cabins in this category have a window. These cabins are usually located higher up on the ship and they can also be located on the panoramic deck. They have a double bed and private bath/toilet. You should choose this cabin category if you wish to spend your time during the daylight hours both on the deck, in the panoramic lounge and in your cabin.

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Pursue the Northern Lights along the Norwegian coast
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Practical information

The price includes:

Flight from Copenhagen/Billund to Bergen

Return flight from Kirkenes via Oslo to Copenhagen/Billund

Transfer to/from the airports in Norway

Hotel: One night in Kirkenes incl. breakfast

7 days aboard MS Nordnorge incl. full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Accommodation in your chosen cabin category

NB: The number of cabins without single supplement is limited and they are first come first served. When these are sold, there will be a single supplement.

Flight information:

SAS (from Copenhagen)

Departure from Copenhagen at 14:05h to Bergen with arrival at 15:30h

Departure from Kirkenes at 11:30h via Oslo (13:40-20:00h) to Copenhagen with arrival at 21:10h

Widerøe/SAS (from Billund)

Departure from Billund at 12:30h to Bergen with arrival at 13:50h

Departure from Kirkenes at 11:30h via Oslo (13:40-20:00h) to Billund with arrival at 21:20h


It is possible to purchase several excursions during the voyage with MS Nordnorge. Excursions are not included in the price. We recommend that you book your chosen excursions in advance, as some may sell out quickly, but the excursions can also be purchased on board the ship. Exciting excursions available at the time of booking:

Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral

Bodø and Saltstraumen

Dog sledding

The North Cape

The Russian Border


When booking online, the deposit will be charged immediately.

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