Hunt the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten

Southbound voyage from Kirkenes to Bergen

Experience an Arctic adventure from Kirkenes to Bergen on board one of Hurtigruten's expedition ships, in search of the magical Northern Lights. With return flights from Copenhagen included.

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What to look forward to

This adventure starts 500 km north of the Arctic Circle! After departing from Copenhagen, you arrive in Kirkenes, situated close to the Russian border. From here you will go out into the polar darkness on a guided tour in search of the mesmerising Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis.

You will spend the next 6 days aboard one of Hurtigruten's expedition ships, while it takes you on a 2,500 km breath-taking sea voyage down along the Norwegian coast. Crossing the Arctic Circle, you'll experience the light slowly returning during the daytime, while still leaving you with good opportunities to see the Northern Lights during the evening hours. Along the route you'll have opportunities to go on exciting excursions. You can also choose to walk around exploring the small towns on your own and take in the atmosphere.

Included in this trip you have return flights from Copenhagen, transfers, a guided tour to the Russian border, one night's stay at a great hotel in Kirkenes, accommodation in a cosy cabin and full board aboard the ship.

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Day 1. Arrival in Kirkenes and excursion to the Russian border

Upon arriving in Kirkenes you find yourself at the gate to the East. Here you are further east than both Istanbul and St. Petersburg, and you are only a few kilometres from the Russian border. This is further illustrated by the signs in the area which are in both Norwegian and Russian. You start your adventure with an excursion with a local English-speaking guide who will take you out into the polar darkness to the Russian border in search of the breath-taking Northern Lights. The local guide from Kirkenes has studied the forecasts for magnetic activity in preparation for the excursion, which will last approx. 2 hours.  Afterwards, you will be driven to your hotel, where you can relax and get a good night's sleep.


Day 2. Boarding Hurtigruten's expedition ship

You start the day with a delicious breakfast at your hotel in Kirkenes, before leaving for the harbour where you'll board the Hurtigruten ship. Up until now, you'll only have seen a fraction of what the Norwegian coast has to offer, and exciting adventures lies ahead. You can enjoy a delicious lunch on board the ship while sailing out from Kirkenes on the Varangerfjord.
Leaving Kirkenes with the wild and untamed Barents Sea as a backdrop, you will get a good insight into the dramatic coastal scenery found this far north. Later, the ship docks in Vardø, where your first impression of the coastal culture awaits you. Vardø is a small fishing and trading town with an old fortress from 1737. From here, we sail on to Båtsfjord and Berlevåg.


Day 3. The capital of the Arctic and the Northern Lights

Today we say goodbye to the wilderness of the Finnmark. In the middle of the night we will dock in Mehamn. Don't close your eyes yet! Instead, put on some warm clothes and go out into the polar night to see if you can spot the magical Northern Lights. Along the way, we sail past some of the most northern fishing communities, and at Fruholmen stands Europe's northernmost lighthouse. In Hammerfest you can take a walk in what is traditionally called "the northernmost city of the world". The last destination of the day is Tromsø, where we dock in time for you to go on an excursion to the spectacular Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral. In and around Tromsø you'll find the best conditions to spot the Northern Lights, so if you're lucky the polar night will offer up an enchanting view of the Northern Lights dancing across the dark starry sky.

Recommended excursions (Extras):


The Northernmost Town in the World - Hammerfest 


Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral (Tromsø)


Day 4. Harstad and dramatic Lofoten

Don't sleep in! For many, it's one of the highlights of the day to sail in the beautiful Vesterålen archipelago to magical Lofoten. The area is known for its beautiful landscape with high mountains, wild nature and charming small fishing villages. On the excursion "A taste of Vesterålen" you can see the unspoiled nature at Harstad and Trondenes Church, which is one of the country's most beautiful sites remaining from the Middle Ages. If you stay aboard, you can see the church when we sail towards Risøyrenna, which is an only 7 m deep gorge that was dug for Hurtigruten in the 1920s.
We continue from Sortland to Stokmarknes, where Hurtigruten was founded more than 120 years ago. Heading south, it looks as if we will sail straight into the mountain wall, but at Raftsundet there is an opening between the mountains where we can slip through to reach the narrow Trollfjord. As darkness has fallen, we cannot sail into the fjord. We end the day at Svolvær – also known as Lofoten. Here you can, for example, go to the ice gallery Magic Ice, where you can see various ice sculptures (not part of Hurtigruten's excursions).

Recommended excursion (Extra):


A Taste of Vesterålen 


Day 5. The Helgeland Coast and the Arctic Circle

In the morning we cross the Arctic Circle and leave the Arctic North, which is marked by a ceremony out on deck. Crossing the Arctic Circle is definitely one of the highlights of the day. The line for the Arctic Circle is marked with a globe on a small island. We all gather on the deck where everyone is offered a 'taste' of the Arctic - a spoonful of cod liver oil, which is super healthy for the body. If you accept the challenge, you get to keep the spoon and can take it home with you as an extra little memento from your voyage.
The Helgeland coast has countless islets, fertile agricultural areas and steep mountains. The magical mountains stands tall one after the other. There are many myths and legends about this part of the coast. For example, on this stretch you will experience the Seven Sisters mountain range which is between 910 and 1072 m high. According to legend, the seven troll sisters turned to stone because they forgot to hide from the sun.


Day 6. Trondheim, the old towns and the sea

Early in the morning you arrive in Trondheim. Here you can see Norway's only cathedral built in the Gothic style - the mighty Nidaros Cathedral. Hurtigruten sails out through the Trondheim Fjord which is 170 km long and up to 25 km wide. We sail past Munkholmen and thousands of islands before docking at Norway's 'dried cod capital', the fishing community Kristiansund. From here we cross the open sea on the way to Molde.

Recommended excursion (Extra):


Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral 



Day 7. From Ålesund to Bergen

The world's most beautiful sea voyage is drawing to a close. Before reaching the end of the journey, the ship calls at Ålesund, Torvik, Måløy and Florø. You'll check out of your cabin and can then enjoy the last part of the coast before we dock in Bergen. You'll now have completed the approx. 1300 nautical miles that makes up this unique and unforgettable coastal adventure. Upon arrival at the port, a shuttle bus will take you directly to the airport where you will fly back to Copenhagen the same day.

Ships and cabins

After your first night at a hotel in Kirkenes, the ship will be your floating hotel all the way to Bergen. Being an expedition ship means that there is an on-board Expedition Team, who will conduct lectures and arrange activities along the way, making it a more active journey. The other participants on the cruise come from many different countries, just like the crew and other staff on board are international. The working language on the ship is therefore either English or Norwegian. In your cabin on board you can choose to turn on a 'Northern Lights alarm' on your phone so that you are notified if the Northern Lights are spotted in the sky.

All cabins are unspecified, which means that the cabin numbers aren't allocated until you board the ship. Ruby has no influence on the location of the allocated cabins. You can choose between the following cabin categories:

  • Inside cabins
    These cabins have no window. The beds are separate with the option of converting one of them into a sofa. The cabins have private bath/toilet. No cabins are below the waterline, which means that your cabin can be located both low or high on the ship. You should choose this cabin category if you prefer to spend your time on the deck and in the panoramic lounge during the daylight hours.
  • Outside cabins (may have limited view)
    These cabins have some kind of window, e.g. a porthole. However, some of the cabins may have a limited view due to, for example, a lifeboat obstructing the view. The beds are separate with the option of converting one of them into a sofa. The cabins have private bath/toilet. The cabins are usually located on the lower decks near the exit of the ship. You should choose this cabin category if you prefer to spend your time on the deck and in the panoramic lounge during the daylight hours but also wish to have some natural light in the cabin. This is the most popular cabin category.
  • Arctic superior outside cabins with double beds
    These cabins have a window. The cabins are usually located higher up on the ship and they can also be located on the panoramic deck. They have double beds and private bath/toilet. You should choose this cabin category if you wish to spend your time during the daylight hours on the deck and in the panoramic lounge, while also having the opportunity to enjoy the views when spending time in your cabin.

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Week 46: Arrival Date 05.11.2020 duration 6 nights

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Practical information

Included in the price:

  • Outbound flight from Copenhagen (from Aarhus for a fee. The departure the 24. of november 2019 only possible from Copenhagen)
  • Inbound flight from Bergen directly to Copenhagen 
  • Transfer to/from the airports in Norway
  • 1 night's hotel accommodation in Kirkenes incl. breakfast
  • 6 days on board the ship with full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Chosen cabin category (Unspecified inside cabin, outside cabin or Arctic superior cabin)
  • Excursion to the Russian border in Kirkenes



  • MS Kong Harald departs on 20th of November 2019
  • MS Nordkap departs on 24th of November 2019 and 7th of January 2020

Possible excursions (Extras):
It is possible to purchase several excursions during the voyage. Excursions are not included in the price.  We recommend that you book the excursions in advance, as we cannot guarantee availability if you wait. However, excursions with availability can also be purchased and paid on board the ship.  

Terms and Conditions
The trip will be carried out with a minimum of 10 participants, all of whom must be enrolled no later than 45 days before departure. If the minimum number of participants is not enrolled before the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel the trip. We here refer to the cancellation rules in our current Terms and Conditions.
We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary as several of the activities are dependent on the weather.
The trip is organised in cooperation with Travelnorth. The ambassador/repeater discount is not applicable on Ruby's group trips. 
Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the occurrence of the Northern Lights.


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