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Northern lights

The wonder in the sky

Travel with Ruby Travel to Norway and witness the Nothern Lights at its absolute finest.
Norway has a lot to offer. Among other things, they have a beautiful coastline offering you one of the most spectacular sea voyages in the world, and then they also have the Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, which can make even the most stolid person lose their jaw. It doesn't get more beautiful than this! We provide you with some of the best destinations for witnessing the Northern Lights, our own favourites are Svalbard and Tromsø.


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  • Northern Lights, Sami Culture and Whale Safari

    An adventurous trip where you will go hunting for the Northern Lights and visit the Sami, and with the possibility of purchasing a Whale Safari. With flights, transfers and 2 excursions included.

    3 departures
    4 Nights
    From EUR 1,268,-
    Plane from CPH
  • Unforgettable Arctic experiences

    Ride a snowcat and go hunting for the Northern Lights on this unforgettable adventure to Svalbard. With flights, transfer and two excursions included.

    Departure from Copenhagen.

    7 departures
    4 Nights
    From EUR 1,248,-
    Plane from CPH

    An 8-day journey along the Norwegian coast on board Hurtigruten, with outstanding opportunities to experience the Northern Lights. The journey ends with an overnight stay at a hotel in Kirkenes. Flights from Copenhagen and Billund. 

    No date set
    7 Nights
    Plane from CPH or Aarhus