Day 9 – Southbound excursions

The excursion prices shown are when pre-booking.

We recommend all our guests to pre-book excursions, as some of the excursions have limited capacity. Only remaining seats will be sold on board. Choose your excursions. Each excursion has a code, e.g. 9A, where the number 9 indicates the day that the excursion takes place, i.e. on day 9.

Please find prices for excursions here – April 2019 to December 2020.


en smagsprøve på Vesterålen med Hurtigruten - Ruby rejser Lofoten sightseeing med Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser Havørnesafari med Hurtigruten - ruby Rejser

9A A Taste of Vesterålen

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June
July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

9B Lofoten Islands

Apr, May, June, July, Aug

9C Sea Eagle Safari

Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct

Lofoten til hest med Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser eventyr i RIB på Lofoten med Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser Fiskelejevandring med Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser

9D Lofoten by horse

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June
July, Aug, Sept, Octt, Nov, Dec

9E Eventyr i RIB-båd på Lofoten

June, July, Aug

9F Fiskerlejevandring (Svolvær)

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

Vesterålen og Lofoten i RIB med Hurtigruten - Ruby Rejser

9I Vesterålen and Lofoten by RIB

May, June, July, Aug

9A A Taste of Vesterålen

A Taste of Vesterålen is one of the classics in our extensive Hurtigruten excursion programme. Come along and experience the history, beautiful scenery and a multitude of breathtaking sights.

9A En Smagsprøve på Vesterålen - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Enjoy sightseeing around the town Harstad
  • Visit the medieval church and historical centre at Trondenes
  • Admire the view of fjords, steep mountains and vast agricultural landscapes
  • Cross a fjord by ferry while enjoying freshly baked cakes and a warm drink

The tour starts with a short sightseeing jaunt through the streets of Harstad, before moving on by bus to the Trondenes peninsula. Here, we visit a white medieval church, one of Northern Norway´s premier cultural heritage sites from the late Middle Ages. You are truly on historic ground. At the Trondenes Historical Centre, we visit an exciting exhibition complete with sounds, smells and original objects from the region throughout history - from the Viking and Middle Ages, to the present day. The bus then takes us across Hinnøya Island, where we admire the view of beautiful fjords, steep mountains and large fertile agricultural fields.

Moving on, we cross the Gullesfjord by ferry, and enjoy a hot drink and some freshly baked cakes. The tour then continues along the Sigerfjord to Sortland where you rejoin your ship. This excursion is a beautiful experience in all seasons; idyllic in the summer, but just as picture perfect in winter.

Important information

Transportation: Bus/ferry

Physical requirement: Level 1 – Suitable for everyone

Meals on the excursion: Coffee/tea and cakes

Duration: 4 hours 15 minutes

Approx. arrival/departure times: 08:15 - 12:30

Dates available: All year, except 25 December

9B Lofoten Islands

Join us on a comfortable coach excursion through one of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth.

9B Lofoten (Svolvær-Stamsund)  Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • See the beautiful scenery of the Lofoten islands
  • Visit the charming fishing village of Henningsvær
  • Visit the KaviarFactory and see contemporary art
  • Learn more about Lofoten, its nature and history dating back thousands of years

The Lofoten Islands are known for excellent fishing, wild nature and small picturesque fishing villages. On this guided tour from Svolvær to Stamsund you see sheltered bays, white sandy beaches, vast green meadows and farmland. The scenery, the special light, and the fishing have drawn artists from Norway and abroad here for centuries. In Henningsvær, we visit the KaviarFactory, a former caviar production plant and well-known local landmark converted into an international venue for contemporary art. From Henningsvær, we travel by bus across more of Lofoten´s enchanting coastline and terrain to Stamsund where the ship awaits.

Important information

Transportation: Bus

Physical requirement: Level 1 – Suitable for everyone

Duration: 3 hours

Approx. arrival/departure times: 18:50 - 22:20

Dates available: 9 April to 31 August

Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes

Note: The excursion may be combined with excursion 9C, Sea Eagle Safari

9C Sea Eagle Safari

Join us on an excursion into Norway’s spectacular Trollfjord and experience close encounters with magnificent sea eagles.

9C Havørnesafari ved Svolvær - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Experience the thrill of transferring from the ship to a smaller boat on the open sea
  • Travel into Trollfjorden with the excursion boat and see the Hurtigruten ship turn around
  • See the spectacular scenery and steep mountains of Lofoten
  • Experience close encounters with several sea eagles, and great photo opportunities

After sailing into the Trollfjord and transferring to a smaller vessel, we watch the Hurtigruten ship turn completely around in the narrowest of spaces, a magnificent sight in its own right. The excursion boat then takes us out to see the sea eagles. The safari really starts when seagulls begin brazenly diving for fish from your hand. We then spot the sea eagles approaching to get their share of the meal.

Our guides let these rare and beautiful birds of prey circle the boat a few times before throwing fish into the sea for the eagles to recover and devour. We often observe many of the majestic birds during this tour. Afterwards, we set our course for Svolvær to rejoin the ship, leaving you with memories that will last long after you return home.

Important information

Transportation: Boat

Physical requirement: Level 2 – Suitable for most

Duration: 2 hours

Approx. arrival/departure times: 16:30 - 18:25

Dates available: 24 March to 15 October

Meals on the trip: Coffee, biscuits and a taste of stock fish

Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing. Life vests are provided

Note: Hurtigruten ships sail into the Trollfjord from the end of April depending on snow/ice conditions. The excursion may be combined with excursion 9B, 9D, 9E, 9G and 9H

9D Lofoten by horse

Like the idea of horseback riding along a remote beach and terrain once inhabited by Vikings? Join us for this excursion along the shore of Gimsøy island on the open North Atlantic Ocean.

9D Lofoten til hest (Svolvær til Stamsund) - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Experience breathtaking nature at Gimsøy on the Norwegian Sea
  • Try horseback riding on your own Icelandic horse
  • Ride along white sandy beaches and listen to the waves
  • Chance to see the Northern lights during autumn and winter

The tour starts with an early evening bus trip from Svolvær to Hov Hestegård on Gimsøy, Here, we begin our guided trail ride on Icelandic horses through breathtaking nature! We journey across on a long white sandy beach along the Norwegian Sea, through rugged rocky terrain, and among remains from the Viking Age. During summer there is perpetual daylight, but during autumn and winter we ride in darkness, listening to the waves slap the shoreline and gazing skyward to see the mystical Northern Lights.

The route and horses are well suited for both beginners and experienced riders. Icelandic horses are known for their gentle temperament and comfortable gait. If you wish to go a bit faster, you get the chance to try trot and tölt. Come along and join us on this unforgettable Lofoten experience.

Important information

Transportation: Bus/horse

Physical requirement: Level 3 – Average physical condition

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Approx. arrival/departure times: 18:30 - 22:00

Dates available: All year

Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing. Riding boots and rainproof outerwear available

Note: Max weight of passenger 110 kg. No horse-riding experience necessary. The excursion may be combined with excursion 9C, Sea Eagle Safari

9E RIB-adventure in Lofoten

Join us on this exciting sea excursion in open RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) on the waters in and around the fantastic Lofoten archipelago.

9E RIB eventyr på Lofoten

Highlights of the excursion

  • See Lofoten´s fantastic nature from a RIB (rigid inflatable boat)
  • Pass small sheltered bays and idyllic sandy beaches
  • Possibly observe sea eagles
  • Stop and have a snack at the fishing village of Skrova

Experienced skippers take us first to an idyllic lagoon with white sandy beaches that are surrounded by small islands and skerries protecting it from the often-turbulent open ocean. There is a very good chance you will see sea eagles, Europe’s largest bird of prey. After making a short photo stop, we continue at high speed on the Vestfjord to the island fishing village of Skrova, with just under 200 inhabitants. Fishing and whaling in the `old days´ once swelled the island´s population to several thousand. Here, we stop for a snack and learn about the village´s history and its present livelihood exporting salmon around the world.

We then head back across the Vestfjord to Svolvær where we are greeted at the harbour entrance by the statue of the `Fisherman’s Wife´ before re-boarding our waiting ship.

Important information

Transportation: RIB (rigid inflatable boat)

Physical requirement: Level 3 – Average physical condition

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Approx. arrival/departure times: 18:30 - 20:00

Dates available: 9 June to 8 September

Meals on the excursion: Tapas with salmon, herb schnapps made from Norwegian herbs

Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing. Survival-/thermal suits and gloves are provided

Note: The excursion is not suitable for guests with back problems. The excursion may be combined with excursion 9C, Sea Eagle Safari

9F Discover a fishing village

Join us on a guided walking tour to the quaint old fishing village of Svinøya adjacent to the Lofoten town of Svolvær.

9F Fiskesværsvandring

Highlights of the excursion

  • Guided walk through the small historic fishing village of Svinøya
  • Learn about the history of the village and the Lofoten fishery
  • Visit an art gallery dedicated to the iconic Lofoten painter Gunnar Berg
  • Taste locally produced stockfish and bring it home!

The town of Svolvær has been a thriving fishing community since 1828 and maintains that tradition today. On this excursion, we explore the town´s oldest quarter on the adjacent small island of Svinøya. The fisheries industry is still of major importance to the region. The Lofoten cod fishery has always been the basis of existence for the people who live here. Wandering among the `rorbuer´ (fishermen’s huts) and iconic stock fish racks you easily immerse yourself in the atmosphere. On Svinøya you view the sea on one side and a spectacular mountain backdrop on the other.

We also visit a gallery dedicated to the local 19th century artist Gunnar Berg, who tragically died at the age of 30 and was known for his paintings of Lofoten. Here we taste locally dried and cured stock fish. You also receive at small complimentary portion of stockfish to take back home. We then pass by a renowned local fish restaurant and typical Lofoten fish processing plant before heading back across the bridge to Svolvær town centre.

Important information

Physical requirement: Level 2 – Suitable for most

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Approx. arrival/departure times: 18:45 - 20:15

Dates available: 1 September to 8 April

Meals on the excursion: A taste of stock fish

Clothes/footwear: Hiking shoes, warm and windproof clothing

9I Vesterålen and Lofoten by rib

Join us for an exciting open boat ride ride through the enchantingly beautiful scenery of Vesterålen and Lofoten, reserved only for our Platinum guests.

9I Vesterålen og Lofoten i RIB - Ruby Rejser

Highlights of the excursion

  • Journey through Raftsundet and Trollfjorden by RIB (rigid inflatable boat)
  • Admire spectacular scenery in one of the most beautiful places on earth
  • Visit a power station and hear about the notorious battle of Trollfjord
  • Pass small fishing villages and get a chance to see sea eagles en route to Svolvær

We travel in RIB (rigid inflatable boats) from Stokmarknes across dramatic Raftsundet to the narrow Trollfjord. Here we go ashore to join a guided tour of the local power station and art gallery. We also hear the story of the battle of Trollfjord that took place near here in 1890 between competing fishermen.

The notorious skirmish is mentioned in the classic novel "Den siste viking" ("The Last Viking") by Johan Bojer and depicted in Gunnar Berg’s painting "Trollfjordslaget" ("The Trollfjord Battle"), on display in Svolvær´s town hall. A snack is served before we continue by boat between small islets and skerries to the island of Skrova, known for its export of salmon all over the world.  Along the way, you simply admire the breathtaking surroundings. We also stop to look for sea eagles before returning to Svolvær.

Important information

Transportation: RIB (rigid inflatable boat)

Physical requirement: Level 3 – Average physical condition

Duration: 2 hour 30 minutes

Approx. arrival/departure times: 15:00 – 17:30

Dates available: 15 May to 31 August

Meals on the excursion: Snack and water from mountains surrounding Trollfjorden

Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing. Survival-/thermal suits and gloves are provided

Note: The excursion is not suitable for guests with back problems. Toilets are available at the power station. For Platinum guests exclusively.