Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen | 12 days

The classical voyage along the Norwegian coastline - DEPARTURE EVERY DAY

This classic roundtrip with Hurtigruten is known as the world's most beautiful sea voyage with spectacular mountains and magical fjords.

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Many experiences regardless of the season | The world's most beautiful voyage

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On this voyage with Hurtigruten you will experience many exciting cities along the beautiful Norwegian coastline. You will experience 34 ports along Norway's coastline covering 2,400 miles. You can travel on all 4 seasons and experience the coastline in a whole new light. The departure time also reflects the current season. This means that the optional excursions as well as the local food and products served on board reflect the season. The classic voyage with Hurtigruten allows you to see and experience the amazing nature that Norway can offer. When crossing the polar circle you can experience the magical northern lights, the midnight sun and enjoy a visit to Norway's former capital, Trondheim. The voyage starts in Bergen from which the course is set towards Kirkenes in the north, after which the boat sails back towards Bergen. Travel period: Daily departure year round in both spring, summer, autumn and winter season


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Hurtigruten 12 day voyage from Bergen via Kirkenes to Bergen


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Day 1: Bergen

The sailing begins in Bergen. There are not many vital cities that have so well preserved historical buildings as Bergen.

Take advantage of the late departure time with the ship, so you will have the opportunity to visit Bergen. Bryggen is on UNESCO's World Heritage List and dates back to the 1300. In Bergen you can for instance visit Fløyen, visit Fisketorget, see Edvard Grieg's home and museum,

Bergen is also called "The City between the 7 Mountains" and is the entrance to the Norwegian fjords. Here starts and ends the traditional shipping routes over the North Sea. We sail from Bergen to the north in the evening.

Day 2: Ålesund and Geirangerfjorden

This is the day of spectacular experiences! Before breakfast you can see the Hornelen mountain, which is a part of viking stories. Ålesund is the perfect example of an Art Nouveau town. Ålesund burned down in 1904 and was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style. In the middle of the city lies the mountain Aksla, there are 418 steps from the center.

In summer from June to August we visit the scenic Geirangerfjord, which is a part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. You will see high mountain peaks, steep mountains and wild waterfalls.

In the fall from September to October we visit Hjørundfjord. Only Hurtigruten will visit this fjord. It is a small fjord pearl surrounded by small villages mountains and untouched nature. You can join in on excursions for instance go on a hike to up the mountain where you get the most amazing views.

Choose your excursions for day 2 here (Purchase).

Day 3: The City of the Kings, Trondheim

Trondheim is the capital of central Norway, founded by the Viking king Olav Tryggvason in 997. The city is the third largest and the city is still the main goal of many pilgrims. Please don’t miss visiting the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral.

Nidarosdomen is actually Norway's most famous church. At the same time it is also the only church built in Gothic style. Visit the old town of Bakklandet, with well-preserved and old-colored wooden houses, before sailing on to the polar circle (midnight sun's kingdom).

When we depart from Trondheim on Trondheimsfjorden we can see the small island of Munkholmen on the way. The historic island has served as a place of court, monastery, fortress and prison.

Choose your excursions for Day 3 here (Purchase).

Day 4: Polar Circle and Lofoten

We cross the invisible border - the polar circle! We are now 66o 33 'North. It is the southernmost point where the sunshine of the midnight shines 24 hours, and the northern lights illuminate the winter sky. On board we celebrate the crossing on the deck.

It is the first day on the Arctic waters, and we arrive to Svolvær during the evening. Svolvær is also known as one of the islands on Lofoten. Lofoten is the city in which you fall in love. Lofoten have raw granite and volcanic rocks, mountains with small fishing villages hidden in between and white sandy beaches. Several small places like Henningsvær or Stamsund have the classic fishing stands, and small traditional fishing villages.

Select your excursions for day 4 here (Purchase).

Day 5: Tromsø, the port of the Arctic Ocean

During the night we sail through the narrow Raftsundet. Hurtigruten dock at Risøyhamn and Harstad before the trip continues via Finnsnes to Tromsø, where we have a longer stop. Tromsø is the Arctic capital and it is a beautiful city with a vibrant cultural life. The town is surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, and with its famous landmark Ishav Cathedral, worth a visit. In winter you can complete your stay in Tromsø with a thrilling husky dog sledge ride.

Select your excursions for day 5 here (Purchase).

Day 6: Honningsvåg and Nordkap

Today will visit Honningsvåg also known as the entrance to Nordkap which is the northernmost point on European mainland. If you wish to go to the northmost point then join our excursion or join a bird-watching safari to experience Finnmarkens largets flock of puffins. Afterward we sail through Lapland – the heatland of the indigenous Sámi people. We pass the rock formation Finnkirka and the fishing village of Køllefjord, where it is possible to meet the locals.

Select your excursions for day 6 here (Purchase).



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You visit the same ports on your way back, as on the northbound voyage, but you arrive at other times of the day.

Day 7: The turning point at Kirkenes and the beginning of the voyage to the south

The view and the sea become more dramatic as we sail towards Kirkenes. Kirkenes is only a few kilometers from the Russian border and the Sami communities in northern Scandinavia. Kirkenes is known as the capital of the Barents region and the harbor to the east. The summer is amazing in Kirkenes with up to 30 degrees of heat and the locals speak Norwegian, Sami, Finnish and Russian, which also reflects the culture of Lapland. On the trip south, along the Norwegian coast, we now visit the ports we visited during the night on our way to the north of the day.

Optional excursions to day 7 here

Day 8: Hammerfest and Tromsø

Start your day with a breakfast at North Cape and discover hidden parts of Finnmark along the way. Later in the day there is a stay in Hammerfest, but before arrivak you will enjoy an ‘energy coffee’ on deck. In spring, we sail throough the beautiful Lyngenfjord, surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps. This place is known for the good taste of fresh locally-caught prawns. We dock at Tromsø where you are invited to a very special musical experience - a midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral.

Optional excursions to day 8 here

Day 9: Vesterålen and Lofoten

Early in the morning we arrive to Harstad where you have the opportunity to participate in the excursion ‘A taste of Vesterålen’. Those who choose to stay on board can admire views of Trondenes Church that dates back to the Middle Ages. The voyage continues through wonderful Lofoten. Hurtigruten sails through a stunning scenery of islands.

Before arrival to the port Svolvær we visit the impressive and magnificent Trollfjord during the spring, summer and fall. Trollfjord is only 2 km long and 100 meters wide, sourrounded by majestic mountains. Weather we enter the fjord depends on the weather. The fjord is also the realm of the sea eagle. You can join in on an excursions where we will try to get close to this majestic bird.

Reaching Svolvær you can take a walk around in the city on your own or join our Lofoten Islands tour to learn more about the fishing community, scenery and area.

Optional excursions to day 9 here

Day 10: The Polar Circle and "The Seven Sisters"

Today we visit the beautiful coast of Helgeland, which consists of hundreds of islets, and fertile agricultural areas. It is the last day of the trip north of the polar circle. We will celebrate this crossing of the Arctic Circle on the deck with a ‘tast’ of Arctic tradition – a spoonful of cod liver oil.

From the deck you can see the unique mountain formations like "The Seven Sisters" and "Torghatten". The Seven Sisters are a mountain range all between 900 and 1.100 meters high. The formations are all a part of a myth with the seven troll sisters that became rocks.

The Vega islands is on UNESCO's list of world cultural and natural heritage sites and can be visited on an optional excursion during summer. The landscape consists of dozens of islands. Afterwards we arrive at Sandnessjøen.

Optional excursions to day 10 here

Day 11: Trondheim and Kristiansund

We have the opportunity to visit the lovely city of Trondheim. Did you see Nidaros Cathedral? Well, here there were three queens and seven kings crowned and it is Scandinavia's largest medieval building. On our way out of the 170 meters long Trondheimsfjord we will head towards Kristiansund. It is located on the spectacular renowned Atlantic Road and it is considered as Norway's capital for dried cod "klippfisk", which is the most important Norwegian export port for dried fish.

Optional excursions to day 11 here

Day 12: Bergen, the journey ends

Last day of the voyage. The classic round trip with Hurtigruten along Norway's coast ends when the ship returns to the quay in Bergen again. Filled with memories of the world's most beautiful voyage where you have now visited 34 ports times two.

Optional excursions to day 12 here


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